Turkish Voice-Over Services



Home Studio

performed with Behringer Home Studio and Samson Microphone to do :
Web advertisements, mobile applications, company internal training services, distance-learning services, speaking software applications, etc… Optional additional services include; transcription, translation, and subtitling.

Collaborating with Clients

Whether you want a Turkish Voice for your website, for your mobile application, for your company’s in-house training, OR you need your IVR (interactive voice response) system to welcome your international callers, it doesn’t matter. We can be of help as a team of Turkish Female & Male voice talents.

You might also have an English Video that may need English transcription + Turkish translation + Subtitling and finally Turkish voice-over, We can provide all of these services.

If you don’t have a video but you only have a script yet, we can still help you. In this case we may need to know the tone, category or role for this voice-over. Whether you need 1 single file or multiple files, what format is needed ? Opus, MP3, Vorbis, Musepack, AAC, ATRAC and Windows Media Audio Lossy (WMA lossy).

Using our Professional Home Studio, a pure, noiseless and perfect audio file will be delivered within projected time period. Our due date commitment success rate is 100%.


O u r  D i f f e r e n c e


  • Studio quality works

  • Zero-noise guarantee:

    — no breath noise, no mouse clicks, no external noise

  • Different speaking tones,

  • Various roles,

  • Lip-Sync with the original video / audio

  • Rerecording until the best

    — optional service with a different pricing


Among our Clients

Google ( 2 different ‘OK Google!’ Projects )

Vodafone UK ( Company internal training audios )

HP UK  ( Company internal training audios )

BP UK ( Oil rafinery security videos )

GSK  ( Call center IVR audios )

My Voice-over Demos

Turkish Voice-over for Zuchex Show ( Kişisel Profil Sayfanızı ... )

STL Online Education Turkish Voice-over ( Ankara'ya

LiveMocha Website Game Application ( Elma, Kuş, Yengeç, Dinazor, Fil )

My Husband ÜNAL’s Turkish Male Demos/Samples

Korput IVR Recording ( MyHusband's Demo)

by Ünal T.

Male English Voice Sample (My Husband's Demo)

by Ünal T.

Speaking Elevator Turkish Messages (My Husband's Demo)

by Ünal T.

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